Fuck me until I become a mommy again - fuck my beautiful mother
I stepped out of the shower and dried myself off, carefully wiping the water from my smooth skin. I glanced at the wall to briefly admire my body in the mirror. As a 36 year old mother, I felt I still looked great for my age. I carefully looked over my body, proud of the shape I had been able to keep even in my mid to late 30s. I was only about 5'2", and I was just barely over 100 pounds from exercising several times a week. I had creamy white skin with a thin waist and wide hips that accentuated my figure. I moaned quietly as I ran my hands over my perky, D cup breasts and turned to the side to look at my ass in the mirror.

"Hopefully today is the day" I thought to myself, as I placed my hand over my womb. I had been trying to get pregnant for the past several months or so, and I was ovulating this week, hoping to get pregnant again before my internal clock started ticking too far. My only child so far, Michael, was already 18 and about to leave the house out into the world. I had had sex with my husband about a week before, but right now he was on a business trip across the country. Today was the day I planned to take a pregnancy test. I was really hoping for good news; I desperately wanted to be a mother again.

Still nude, I opened the box for the test and sat on the toilet to take it. I followed the instructions to the letter and now I only had to wait 5 minutes to see if the news would be good or not. I set the test on the counter and looked in the mirror one last time, rubbing my sensitive tits again before getting dressed for the day and heading out into the kitchen. I slipped on a tank top and some yoga pants, I hadn't planned on going anywhere important today and it was unbelievably hot outside. No one else was home so I skipped the panties and bra, not wanting to be uncomfortable. I was pretty horny this morning. I didn't have sex with my husband too often, even though I had an incredibly high sex drive. He just didn't seem to be that interested anymore, and while he tried to help me conceive that was just about it; I didn't get relief nearly as much as I would want.

After counting what seemed like an incredibly slow 5 minutes the test was finally ready to be read. I didn't want to get my hopes up, but this would be the last time for the month I'd be able to conceive again. My husband would still be gone for another two weeks and my clock was ticking!

I picked up the test and looked at the marker with a weight in my stomach. It was negative. I had tried not to get my hopes up too much but looking at this every month was crushing. It was just like the doctor had said. I was fertile enough for now, but my husband had a low sperm count, they said it was a less than 10% chance that I'd be able to get pregnant in the near future.

Usually I was able to write it off, but the collective stress of not getting pregnant after so many months of trying began to take its toll on me. "Fuck me!" I said loudly, tears welling up in my eyes. I wanted to have another child so badly, and I was afraid it would never happen at this point. "Come on, Ashley, keep yourself together" I told myself, to no avail. Just as a single tear dropped onto the test, I heard my son walk into the kitchen.

"Hey mom!" Mike said cheerfully, from around the corner before he could read the situation. Just as he said it, he saw the tears in my eyes and obviously knew something was wrong.

"Hey, what's wrong? Why are you crying?" he said, now reading what was happening and trying to help me. "Is that a pregnancy test?" he asked, very surprised. I hadn't told him that I was trying to get pregnant yet, I guess now was as good a time as any.

I wiped the tears from my eyes and tried to explain what was happening. "It's nothing, Michael. I just have been trying to get pregnant for the past few months before I no longer can and I haven't had any luck. It's very dis-heartening. But don't worry, it's stupid anyway. I'll probably just end up giving up at this point. It's no big deal." I said, trying to convince myself of that just as much as my son.

"I had no clue. I'm really sorry, mom. I love you." He said, to my surprise. He came up and hugged me hard, trying to comfort me in my time of emotional need. Lately my son had been a lot touchier with me, often giving me hugs and kisses on the cheek without me asking. I had been skeptical earlier but right now I didn't care, I was preoccupied.

We hugged each other for a minute or so until I cheered up, finally realizing my braless tits were pressing through the thin tank top into my son's hard chest. I didn't know my son was even home, that's why I hadn't worn anything more modest, but I guess it didn't matter. He was just my son. I began to feel a hardness pressing against my waist momentarily right before he broke the hug.

As we parted, I looked at my grown up son with pride. He had turned 18 almost a month ago and was a little over 6 feet tall. He played soccer in high school and was pretty toned for a teenager. He had hard abs and strong muscles from working out for the sports he played. He looked like he was probably a lady killer in high school, though I never paid any attention to his personal life.

"Are you okay, now, Mom? Is there anything I can do to help" he asked. What a lovely person he'd turned into, I thought.

"I'm okay, but why are you even here, honey? I asked him, fully changing the subject from the sadness I didn't want to recall. "I thought you worked today."

"No, I switched shifts," he answered nonchalantly, his mind clearly on something else.

"Oh," I said, still very down.

"Okay. Let's go, mom." My son suddenly said, picking up his keys from the counter.

"What? Go where?" I asked, not certain of what he was talking about.

"I'm taking you out for a date. Dad's gone, so you have no one else to cheer you up. I'll gladly make it my job. I hate to see you sad." He said with grief and a hint of something else in his eye. "Get dressed, I'm gonna take you to the plaza for lunch and something fun. We're leaving in 5 minutes!" He turned towards his room to get ready.

Before I could even object he had left the room. "Oh well," I thought to myself, "I guess this will be good for me. I can take my mind off of things for a little bit." I headed upstairs to my room to get dressed, wondering what I should wear.

I looked in my closet for something that wouldn't make me too hot. I saw one of my favorite sundresses in the back of the closet and thought it would be lovely for a day like this. It had really thin straps so I wouldn't be able to wear a bra, but I guess that was fine for such a hot day. I slipped off my tank top and yoga pants and put the dress on over my head. My makeup was already done for the day, so I was fine with that. I looked in the mirror and admired how the thin dress showed off my shapely ass and firm tits. It certainly wasn't slutty looking but it definitely was a slightly revealing dress. I remembered at this point I needed to find some panties. I had thrown almost everything in the wash earlier and now realized I might not have anything I could wear! I began to rummage through my drawers to see if I could find something.

Just as I began to look with no success, my son barged through the door already dressed with his keys in hand. "You ready, mom?" he spoke quickly.

"Yeah, I'm ready but I just need to-"I tried to explain I needed something else, but he cut me off there.

"You look great already, let's go. The lunch place I want to go to closes kinda early so we have to leave now." He explained while pulling my arm.

"Wait, Michael!" I said, surprised at his hurriedness.

"It's fine mom, let's just go!" He pulled my arm and led me down the stairs, in a hurry. I tried to turn around once again but he stopped me, leading me to the door and slapping my ass outside.

I yelped quietly to myself before wondering what had just happened. Had he meant to slap my ass, or just merely push me out the door? It was a little inappropriate especially for his mother but I shook it off since he was clearly in a hurry. "It must have been a mistake" I thought to myself.

We drove to the lunch place he apparently had in mind, me all the while trying not to expose myself with the short dress I was wearing with no panties. We got out of the car, me very carefully, and headed to a cute little restaurant on the edge of the plaza. It was indeed closing soon but we were sat as one of the last customers and given menus.

The waiter came up to us and asked for our order. We told him what we wanted before he asked "Anything to drink? We serve a great deal of different drinks here."

Before I could refuse, my son spoke up. "Yes, we'll take two margaritas, please"

"Of course, sir. And would you and your lovely date like the rims salted?" he asked, eating at us with flattery.

I blushed a deep red "Oh no, he's just my-"

"Yes please, we'd love the glasses salted." My son said as he interrupted me again. Ashley here loves it served like that," he told the waiter, glancing at me with a sarcastic looking grin. With that, the waiter left to get us our food.

I reached over the table and punched my son in the arm. "Hey, what are you doing, trying to embarrass me like that?"

"Oh come on, it's just a joke. You should take it as a compliment; he obviously thought you were young enough to actually be my date. And I know you love margaritas, mom."

"It's just weird, Michael." I told him, still blushing.

"That's what happens when you're hot, mom." He added, surprising me and making me go into an even deeper red.

"The nerves on this boy!" I thought to myself. He surely was popular with the girls if he was like this all the time. Such a flirt!

We enjoyed lunch as the restaurant died down and we talked, enjoying the day. It was really hot and we both ordered another margarita after the meal. We slowly drank it and chatted until the restaurant needed to close.

The waiter came to shoo us off but apparently had a soft spot by then. "I'll give the lovely couple 5 more minutes, but sadly we really need to close after that."

We thanked him and resumed our "date".

I had only finished half of the margarita, but I was small and could tell it was actually really having an effect on me. The wind started to pick up and filled the outside cabana we had been sitting in, blowing a warm breeze up my dress. 

Because of the openness of the dress and the alcohol, I started to get a little aroused. Having no panties only made it worse, and I started to get a little wet.

"We should go now, sweetie." I told him, hoping to get up before I had a wet spot on the back of my dress.

"Alrighty, mom. Let's go look around the plaza."

We walked around the plaza, enjoying the day as it got cooler and cooler. We were obviously both slightly intoxicated, me a little more so, and were giggling like school girls and having a great time

As the day went on we visited the fountains and shops and I slowly realized my son was getting slightly handsy. He'd pull me by my waist to show me something and as we walked around sometimes kept his hand on the small of my back. The day actually started to feel like a date instead of something I'd do with my son.

We had gotten a little tired from walking and decided to look for a place to sit. I thought I spotted a bench over in the distance and tried to tippy toe on my heels to see it. Just then, a giant gust of wind started to blow and went right under my dress. My back was to my son, and before I could react enough the wind blew it completely up. I was able to place my hands in the front so nothing too intimate would show, but I realized too late that I was giving my son a great view of my naked, round ass.

"Woah, mom," he said, laughing as he stared at my unfavorable situation. "Having trouble?"

I didn't want to turn to him in case he saw anything, but I couldn't get the back part of my dress down. I blushed even harder than earlier as I gave my 18 year old son a great show of my tight ass. After a few seconds or so the gust finally died down and my dress fell down.

I turned to my son, bright red with embarrassment, and tried to say something before he suddenly took my hand.

He turned me around and pointed at a cinema. "Let's go see that movie! The trailer looked fun!" He just ignored what had happened.

"I don't know," I said, uncertain and too embarrassed to want to do anything else.

"Of course you do!" he exclaimed, once again smacking my butt through the dress in the direction of the theater.

There it was again. I was drunk, but I knew it was on purpose this time. My son had just touched my ass! What was he doing?

"Fine," I ignored his hand, "It better be good though!"

"I'm sure it will be great," he replied, looking me in the eye with something I just couldn't quite put my finger on. I brushed it off as we entered the theater.

The cinema was completely dead on the inside. It was a really hot day and the theater itself was hot, but there was absolutely no one else in the theater.

"Oh cool, we get to choose whichever spot we want!" my son pointed out, obviously excited. "Let's go up there!" he whispered, pointing to the corner.

The theater had a back row right under the projector, and then two more sets of 4 seats on either side of the box, one more row up from the back middle. As we walked up the steps, I felt my son's hand on my back again, this time the bottom of his fingers holding my ass as he pushed me up the steps. I ignored it once again, attributing it to alcohol and the weird angle of the steps, and went to our seats.

We sat in the back corner and waited for the movie to start. The armrests on the seats were already up when we got there, so we sat down and I leaned into my son's chest, getting comfortable.

The movie started and we began watching it, pseudo-cuddling in the seats in the back. There was no one in the theatre, but if even there were we were pretty hidden behind the corner.

About 20 minutes into the movie, I noticed my son's hand was on my leg, near my lap. As a few more minutes passed, his hand slowly crept up my thigh until he was grabbing the very upper part of my leg, just under where my dress started. I didn't say anything as we continued to watch the movie. He slowly moved his hand up and down my leg, and his touch was sending my absolutely crazy. I was super horny, drunk in a movie theater next to my son.

I shifted a bit trying to get more comfortable, and my son moved his arm around me. I learned more into his chest so that my bottom was practically off the seat and I was lying on my side. My son instinctively slid his hand down the side of my body, lightly moving it past my breast and resting his hand on my ass.

I turned to my son this time, and noticed he was looking at me with that same look in his eye. This time I realized what it was. It was pure lust. He began to blatantly grope my butt, squeezing my pantiless, round ass through the thin material of my dress.

I looked up at my handsome son and met his eyes before instinctively leaning in and kissing him on the lips. It wasn't the kind of kiss a mother should give her son, I realized, as I pressed my lips hard against his, his strong hand still firmly holding my ass.

I didn't care anymore. I wanted intimacy. My emotional state and drunkenness put my right in the palm of my son's hand, literally.

We broke the kiss as I scooted up completely into his lap, my dress now riding very high on my legs.

"Mom," he started. Before he could finish I grabbed his head and once again kissed him hard on the lips. Our tongues swirled in each other's mouths as we shared a passionate kiss as mother and son. He lost all hesitation and placed his hand high on my leg, feeling up my milky thighs and groaning as he squeezed my ass.

His hand crept up my thigh, under my dress, until he came to my sopping wet pussy, radiating heat. "No panties? Naughty girl." He said, smiling as he teased me. I gasped as he lightly caressed my puffy pussy lips, longing for the touch of someone. He teased me again and again, lightly rubbing his fingers along the slit before I could take no more.

"Michael, please," I moaned, getting short of breath. With this, he picked me up by the hips and set me down on his lap. He groped my breast roughly through the dress and pushed a finger into my waiting pussy. He expertly worked his hand in my waiting, velvet walls, bringing my closer and closer to climax as he used his other hand to drop the dress from my shoulders.

My perky, firm tits fell into view as the top of the dress slid down my stomach. "Holy shit, mom." He said, ogling at my large, exposed breasts. "Your tits are fucking perfect."

He took one of my nipples aggressively into his mouth and continued to tease my pussy with his hand.

"Oh fuck!" I exclaimed, a little louder than I should have. "That's it, Michael. Suck your mommy's tits!

I got closer and closer to my orgasm as he took his free hand and tweaked the areola of my other breast. He shoved a second finger into my sopping pussy and sent me over the edge, causing me to convulse hard in his hand.

He continued fucking me with his fingers and sucking my creamy white breast as I began to go through a mind-shattering orgasm, getting over months of little to no relief. His father came nowhere close to knowing how to pleasure me that well, or he just didn't care.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!" I moaned as my orgasm made me rock against his hand and body. He placed his hand on the back of my head and once again pressed his lips to mine. The kiss sent electricity through my spine as my orgasm subsided.

As I recovered, I realized my son had yet to have relief. I noticed an incredibly large bulge in his pants and decided to start there.

"Alright, baby, now it's my turn" I whispered as I unzipped his pants and grabbed his cock through his boxers. "Holy shit" I thought to myself. This was easily the biggest cock I had ever felt.

"Jesus Christ," I said aloud as I released my son's giant erection from his boxers. "You're so fucking big, baby."

I placed my hand around the width of his shaft, realizing I could barely hold it in my small tiny hand. I liked my lips as I began to run my soft hands along the sides of his cock.

My topless breasts bounced up and down as I worked the length of his shaft with my hands. I momentarily looked up to see my son's eyes staring straight at my tits as I performed this act. I blushed deeply before decided I'd treat my son as well as I could.

"Alright, honey." I got on my knees onto the floor. "Let mommy suck your giant fucking cock!"

As I said this, I placed my red, full lips on the top of my son's enormous manhood. I was slightly scared, but I figured it didn't matter. I slipped my mouth down the length of his cock as I tried to take in all of my son's length.

I couldn't reach the base, so I took my free hand and slid it along the bottom of his shaft as I began to bob up and down on my son's cock.

Instantly, he started moaning as I expertly worked my son's penis. I loved giving BJs, but my husband didn't like them that much and had a much smaller penis, so I seldom got to do this. I took my other hand and cradled my son's enormous balls as my mouth still worked up and down his member.

"Oh fuck, mom. You're so fucking good at this! Jesus Christ, I can hardly take it!" he groaned as I blushed at being complimented by my son.

My lips continued to glide up and down his cock while my free hands stroked the bottom of his shaft and his balls. Eventually, I felt a stirring in his loins and knew he'd be close to finishing. I prepared myself as my son neared his climax.

"Oh God, mom. I'm gonna cum. Take my load with your slutty little mouth" he said, completely into it and forgetting I was his mother.
I felt naughtier with the dirty talk and prepared for his load. I went up and down his shaft one more time before I felt him start to explode in my mouth.

I had expected a lot of cum, but nowhere near the amount he actually had. What felt like buckets and buckets of cum shot down my throat as I tried to swallow the enormous load coming from his balls.

After what seemed like a few minutes, his cock finally twitched for the last time, completely filling my mouth with his potent seed. I swallowed the rest of his load and licked my lips, enjoying the taste of such a young, nice cock.

"Holy fuck that was amazing," he said, sitting back and breathing a sigh of relief. "Where did you learn to do that?" he asked.

I noticed there was a bit of cum that had spilled out of my mouth and onto my tits. I swirled it up with my finger and licked it off, making sure to not miss a single drop.

"I guess you could just say I'm a natural. I love giving blowjobs, I just don't get to do it often. I love feeling the taste of sucking a giant cock and swallowing it's cum." I said, revealing way too much than I probably should had. I hardly cared at this point, though.

My son grabbed my waist again and kissed me on the mouth, fondling one of my breasts again in the process. "Your body is so fucking hot, mom. Let's get out of here so I can fuck you properly" he whispered into my ear.

"Okay, handsome," I said, getting up and pulling up the straps of my dress. I tried to fix myself up and hoped there wasn't a mess from my giant orgasm. My pussy was still sopping wet but most of it didn't get on my dress, so I was okay.

My son and I left the theater, this time holding hands as we exited. I took him by his hand back towards the car, momentarily stopping in front of the fountain for a bit. He pulled my body towards him and wrapped his hand around my waist. He slipped his hand under my dress and cupped my ass, again kissing me deeply. Our tongues met briefly before I broke the kiss, realizing where we were.

I pulled his hand off my ass and scolded him. "Hey, we're in the middle of public, Michael. What if someone saw you kissing your mother?" I said, concerned.

"Who cares? No one knows you're my mother. They just think you're my hot date. It's your fault for being such a naughty slut and not wearing panties." He cracked a sly grin.

"You wouldn't let me put panties on earlier! You hurried me out the door! Whatever." I said, giving in to his teasing. "Let's just go, baby."

I took his hand and pulled him to the car where he helped me in and we started driving off.

He kept his free hand on my thigh as he drove along, before I saw he still had a pretty noticeable hard-on.

"Are you seriously still hard? What are you made of?" I asked, rubbing his crotch.

He groaned softly as I touched his member. "No way I'm gonna be done before I actually get to fuck you." He said casually.

I had brushed it off before, but would I actually let my own son fuck me? That was so wrong, I wasn't sure if I wanted to go through with it. Eventually we pulled into the house and got out of the car, walking to the door.

"Michael," I started, turning towards him as he put the key in the door, "I don't think we should go any further, I'm not sur-" I tried to finish before he grabbed me again.

He picked me up by the waist and opened the door, pressing his lips hard against me in the process. He swung the door closed and rode my dress up, grabbing me by my naked ass with both hands, squeezing firmly.

At this point I was still too horny to not give in. I melted into his mouth as he set me down on the kitchen counter, my dress hiked up, revealing my still sopping pussy.

"You're too much of a horny slut to stop now, I bet." He said daringly as he grabbed the dress straps and slid them once again over my shoulder, revealing my breasts. He took one into his mouth as the dress fell down to just cover my stomach, leaving my ass and tits exposed.

I couldn't handle it anymore, and I completely gave in. "You're right, baby. I don't fucking care anymore. I'm too horny. Please, fuck your horny little slut of a mother with your giant cock!" I yelled, surprising myself. I never thought I'd speak to my son like that.

With that, my son dropped his trousers again revealing his still hard cock, pointing to my waiting pussy.

He grabbed his hard cock and ran it along my slit, teasing my puffy pussy with his enormous manhood. It was driving me crazy.

"Oh God, Michael, fuck me already. I can't take it any more, fuck me on your giant cock!" I whispered as he grinned and kissed me passionately.

At that moment, he aimed his cock directly into my pussy and pushed in his enormous head. I gasped as his considerable size entered my waiting cunt. He slowly pushed further into my tightness, filling me up like I had never been filled before. I felt like I was being split in half by his cock.

"Jesus Christ, mom. You're so fucking tight! Your body is absolutely amazing," he gasped as he ran his hand up and down my lithe, supple body.

"Fuck, Michael, you're too big! You're splitting me in two!" I said as he continued to enter my pussy, finally bottoming out deep in my womb. He allowed me to adjust to his massive girth before pulling out and pushing back in again, picking up the pace. My incredibly lubricated pussy walls facilitated the process, and finally I was able to completely adjust to the massive cock that was pounding my pussy.

"Yes, yes, yes! Oh yes, baby, fuck your mommy's tight little pussy! Impale me on your huge fucking cock!" I screamed as he continued to ram my tight pussy on the cool countertop. He reached over and grabbed my hips, giving him better leverage to completely penetrate my tight cunt.

As he bounced be back and forth on his cock like a toy, he took one of my breasts in his mouth again, squeezing my ass hard in the process. "Suck your mommy's tits like you did as a child, baby! Make me yours on your hard cock!" I moaned, feeling hornier than I ever had before. Being taken so completely and fucked this hard drove me absolutely wild as I could hardly think of anything else but his huge cock pounding into my tight pussy.

Suddenly, I felt his cock withdraw from my velvet lips, leaving my feeling completely empty without his massive cock.

"What's wrong, baby?" I asked, disappointed at momentarily not being fucked.

He answered my question immediately as he picked me up completely off the counter and set me face down onto the cold surface. My nipples hardened as they touched the cold surface of the kitchen counter when I felt him grab my hip and pick one of my legs up, setting me against the counter in a half standing half laying position.

"I'm gonna fuck your tight pussy and ass from behind, filling you like the slut you are!" he said, explaining his actions. He then ripped the rest of my dress off of my body, leaving it ripped on the floor.

Once again, I felt his massive rod enter my tightness, this time from behind, reaching all the way in and splitting my pussy from another position. Somehow it felt like his cock went even farther into my pussy, this time hitting my cervix. I winced in pain as it hit the uncomfortable spot, before he withdrew and hit it again. The pain slowly turned into pleasure as his manhood pounded my round ass from behind. I could feel his balls slapping against my clit, driving me crazy as he filled me up.

"Oh fuck," he yelled, picking up the pace and continuing to buck in and out of me, using my fertile, wide hips for leverage. "Mom, I'm gonna cum deep inside your pussy and fill up your womb!"

I spoke to him in short breaths as his nailed my pussy over and over again. "Wait, Michael. You can't come inside me, you're my son!"

"Who cares? You said you wanted to get pregnant, right?" He asked, making me realize a possible solution to my problem.

He spoke again: "I'll fill your tight cunt with my cum and you can have our baby! It's the easiest way for us to both get what we want! I'm really close to cumming, now!"

"Are you sure you can handle it? What about your father? What if he finds out?" I asked, concerned and nearing a climax of my own.

"He'll never find out. It's too late anyway. I'm gonna fill your pussy with my hot cum right now!" he said, obviously right on the verge of cumming.

I gave up trying to reason at this point, I was too blind by horniness and wanting to be a mother again to care any longer. "Okay, baby! Fill your mother's pussy up with your potent seed. Fuck me until I become a mommy again!" I screamed as he groped my breast from behind. I turned my head and brought his close to mine, kissing him from behind and enjoying his massive cock fill me up.

"I'm cumming!" he moaned as he pounded one last time deep into my pussy, hitting my cervix again in the process. I felt his body tense as hot cum began to shoot out of his cock deep into my pussy. The massive load splashed against the walls of my pussy, filling my fertile womb up to the brim with his potent sperm. As he emptied his balls, coating the inside of my pussy with his massive load, I began to convulse on his body, my orgasm causing me to scream into his mouth.

"Oh fuck! You're pussy is too tight, mom!" he yelled from behind me.

The walls of my pussy contracted on his cock, still filling me up with his hot cum. My tight cunt squeezed his manhood like a vise, milking out every last drop of his cum.

Finally, our orgasms subsided and he pulled his giant shaft out of my pussy. I felt empty without his cock inside my pussy, but my pussy felt coated with his cum. I turned around and hopped further on the counter, placing my hand on my lower stomach, feeling my womb now filled with his seed.

"I've never been fucked so hard in my life," I said, breaking the silence. "I love you, honey!"

He picked me up and set me down on the floor, "I love you, too, babe." At this point he was referring to me as his lover instead of as his mother.

"I'm ovulating right now, so I'm almost sure to get pregnant this time, Michael. What are we gonna do with the baby? It's gonna be yours." I said, immediately regretting some of our decisions.

"It's fine, mom. If that happens, we'll just take care of it like normal. Worst comes to worst we can move away and take care of it together."

"And if I'm not pregnant and your father doesn't find out?" I asked, wondering what he could respond.

"Then I'll fuck you again until you do get pregnant with my child. You're my little slut now, mom." He said, placing his hand on my womb and kissing me roughly.

"Now let's go to bed." He said, picking me up completely and heading towards the stairs. He carried me up the steps and dropped me in the bed, getting in after me, both of us completely nude. He cupped my breast from behind and kissed my neck, both of us falling to sleep, our sexes pressing against each other in my and my husband's bed.

A week and a half later, I missed my period and took a pregnancy test. I ran into my son's room, tears in my eyes, so happy from the joy of finally being able to be a mother again.

"Michael!" I practically screamed.

"Yeah gorgeous?" he said, kissing me hard on the mouth and cupping my ass.

"The test was positive! I'm pregnant! I'm going to bear your child!" I exclaimed, happier than I could remember.

"Seriously? That's great, mom!" he said as he rubbed my stomach and womb admiring his work.

He picked me up by the waist as I wrapped my legs around his lower body, pressing my lips softly against his. "Thank you, baby. You have no idea how happy this makes me! I love you!" I said, completely falling in love with my own son.

He broke the kiss and spoke, grabbing my ass with one of his strong hands. He ripped my thin shirt off with his other, cupping my naked breast. "Does this mean your fantastic tits will get even bigger? They are so fucking perfect." He said, taking my breast in his mouth, cupping the other one.

I moaned softly as his tongue flicked over my sensitive breast. "Maybe. So what do you think we're gonna do now that I'm pregnant?" I asked as he set me down, running his hands down my sides and over to my wide hips, my tights hugging my round ass and curvy frame.

"I'm gonna fuck you every day of your pregnancy and keep filling your pregnant womb with my hot cum until you have our child. Then I'll fuck you more until you're pregnant again," he announced casually. I slowly walked towards his bed, removing my tights and jumping on it, leaving me nude save for my sopping white panties. I arched my back, giving him a perfect view of my ass, and motioned him to join me.

As he climbed into the bed and began running his hands up my body, I asked him what we would do about his father. "When he comes back, what are we supposed to do?"

"We can move away and start a family of our own. Then I can fuck my beautiful mother for the rest of my life." He said, pushing me onto my back and removing my panties.

He pulled down his shorts and pointed his enormous cock at my waiting, pregnant pussy.

"Sounds good, baby! I love you!" I said, "Now fuck your horny, pregnant, slut of a mother!"

"I love you too, mom!" He said as pushed his manhood deep inside my tight, sopping pussy.

mommy until again my mother become fuck me beautiful

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