Father daughter nude erotic incest sex story
When I opened my eyes, I saw a hint of sunlight peaking in the tiny opening in the left side of the drapes. I remained on my back for a few minutes, closed my eyes once more and tried desperately to continue the dream I had been having. My father was kissing me passionately, we were in bed together, and he was telling me he loved me. Not the typical love for his daughter, but genuine love that only a lover can feel for their companion. Desperate to get back there, I began to turn on my side to find a more comfortable position when I quickly realised I was restricted. Pulling the sheet off my chest showed that my father had his arm lying over my stomach.

Suddenly the entire night came back to me. It had actually happened! For most of the night I could only recall dreaming of sex; crazy wild lawless sex with my father and Kristen. Now I had awoken to the realisation that it was not a dream! My father lay nude at my side, his arm lying just below my breasts. A smile crept across my face as I turned and kissed his cheek softly. Happiness poured through me like a river overflowing its banks. The first time my father had made love to me was during a brief and rather crazy day last summer, when Kristen and I teased my father by sunbathing nude in his presence, and then by pushing things further in the Jacuzzi. Hormones were raging, sex was in the air, and common sense took the day off. It was a fluke; a magical moment, and nothing more. My father took both of us that night, a night Kristen and I would never soon forget, but we knew it would never happen again.

Now it had. My father had gone back on his morals of what was right and wrong, and what was simply taboo, and had not prevented the events of last night. Although I could assume my father simply lost self-control like any man would faced with two beautiful naked young women in front of him, I knew this time it was different. Something about last night told me that things would no longer be the same. I wasn't sure if it was the sex, or the way he kissed me, or the way he held me after our lovemaking, but I was certain, my father wanted last night as much as Kristen and I did, and that feeling jubilated me.

As I stared at the cabin ceiling in the mostly dark room, I thought of the day ahead, and what amazing possibilities it now presented. I could have laid there all day, against him, but now I was suddenly eager to start a new day. I turned my head and directed my attention to the clock on the table in the corner. It was just a few minutes past 8am. We must be in port, I thought. Lifting my father's arm off my body, his sleeping fingers grazed between my legs sending shivers through me before I placed his arm at my side. I lifted from the bed, and searched for my robe. Tripping over our discarded clothes from the previous night, I aborted my quest for the robe and approached the door to the balcony. Pulling back the heavy drapes I saw the city of Nassau beyond the rail. I momentarily flirted with the idea of stepping out naked, but thought best not to. Looking at the bed beside me, Kristen lay on her stomach facing my dad. My father also lay face down with his right arm now folded at his side, and his left tucked beneath his pillow. I stared at them for a good minute. Kristen's perfect round bottom was exposed by the pulled down sheets, and she looked beautiful laying beside my father. I knew she had another dream come true last night as well, and I was happy for her.

Just then the phone rang and startled me from my gaze. Who could be calling our cabin? I picked up the receiver. "Hello?" I asked quietly.

"MELISSA?" my mother's voice blurted loudly on the other end, calypso music could clearly be heard in the background. "Why are you still in your room?"

"Oh, we slept late I guess," I responded a bit unsure as to why my mom was calling so early.

"SLEPT LATE?!?" my mother yelled over the phone, "I TOLD YOUR FATHER TO HAVE YOU GIRLS READY BY 7:45!"

"So we slept late, what's the big deal?" I asked softly again into the phone.

"MELISSA I CAN'T HEAR YOU, PLEASE SPEAK UP!" she shouted, calypso music could be heard being played in the background.

Taking the phone into the bathroom to muffle my conversation I repeated, "What's the big deal?" a little louder.


My heart was racing,"Uh...he's in the shower," I lied quickly while closing the door of the bathroom. I didn't need my father to be awoken with the sound of me arguing with my mother, not after the wonderful night we had together.


"What's the BIG DEAL?" I asked again.

My mom eased her voice a little bit as the music in the background momentarily stopped. "The BIG DEAL is we have reservations for a dolphin encounter!" "Didn't your father tell you about that?" my mom asked sounding very frustrated.

"Uh, not that I remember," I replied honestly feeling a little relieved that she wasn't suspicious about anything last night. "Look, we need to be on there by 10am, so you all better get your asses ready pronto!"

"OK Mom, we'll be ready soon," I replied before immediately regretting that last word.

"YOU'RE NOT STILL SLEEPING ARE YOU?!?" my mother hollered again.

"NO, NO, we're up, we're up!" I tried to convince her.

"Yeah, I'll believe that when I see it. I can't wait for you two lazy asses, I'll be up in a second," she said as she hung up the phone.

My heart almost fell into my chest. I'll be up in a second How long was "a second"? My mother was on her way to our room immediately, and Kristen was still sleeping in bed with my father, NAKED! I had no idea how long "a second" was, but judging by my mother's standards of time, it was probably closer to the literary term. Plus being that my mother was director of the ship, she could easily use a housekeeping key to open the door at any moment, without giving us a notice by knocking. Now I was forced to wake my father up in a very unpleasant way.

"DAD, WAKE UP!!" "WAKE UP!" I cried as I shook his hip vigorously. Kristen who usually sleeps like a brick didn't stir, but my father rolled over a bit and rubbed his sleepy eyes. I got his attention. Almost on the verge of tears I nervously shouted again, "MOM WILL BE HERE ANY MINUTE!" My father's eyes widened immediately and he hopped out of bed so fast he nearly butted heads with me. My father immediately had his boxers on, and was putting on his shorts when I yelled at him, "NO! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE SHOWER!"

He looked at me with a look of confusion before I started to repeat myself. "YOU'RE SUPP...I TOLD HER YOU WERE..."

"OH, OH, GOT IT," he said, stripping off his shorts and boxers again in once fast stroke. "GET HER UP FAST!" my father said pointing at a comatose Kristen as he jumped in the bathroom and closed the door. Hearing the water in the shower turn on immediately, I stood by the bedside shaking Kristen. I feared having to wake her up in such short notice. Rooming with her in college had taught me how heavy a sleeper she was. Shaking her again, I took the curtains in my left land and tore them open flooding the room in bright day light. "KRISTEN! GET UP DAMN IT!!" With that she finally opened her eyes and looked at me for a moment as if unsure who I was. "MY MOTHER WILL BE HERE ANY SECOND!!"

Finally registering with Kristen's sleepy brain, she had a similar reaction to my father. "OH SHIT!" she screamed and she almost fell to the floor as her feet got caught in the sheets as she got up fast. Kristen began to quickly grab her clothes from the floor when I quickly told her we needed to be in our bikinis. Kristen and I rifled through our drawer to find our bikinis, but couldn't find them anywhere. I panicked. My mother could not open that door and see Kristen and I standing naked in the room together, even with my father in the shower. It would seem awkward that we would change so openly, leaving the chance he could walk out of the bathroom at any moment and see us.

"THE SHOWER!" Kristen shouted in alarm.

"What about it?" I asked back almost breathless.

"The bikini's are on the shower rod!" she shot back.

Immediately we tripped over each other to get to the bathroom and were thankful my father hadn't locked the door. Stumbling into the small bathroom, I grabbed the bikini's off the bar over the curtain and knocked my top into the shower. My father pulled back the curtain apparently aware that he had failed to realise we needed them, and handed me my top. Even in that rushed state of fear, I couldn't help feeling what I had when I awoke. My father didn't seem to be regretting his decisions of the night before. Despite possibly exposing our affair to my mother, he still looked at me with eyes of trust, and of love in that desperate moment.

I closed the door again right away, and Kristen and I almost fell over in an attempt to dress as quickly as we ever had. I had secured my bottom half when another tremendous problem smacked me in the face. "OH FUCK!" I screamed.

"WHAT?" Kristen replied looking nervous as ever as she began to tie on her top.

"THE BEDS!" "THEY NEED TO BE SEPARATED!!" I cried in desperation. Kristen didn't waste time responding and immediately dove toward the beds and started to pull the mattresses apart. I was immediately at her side helping her move the bed frame.

"Put your top on first!" she shouted, but I ignored her as we struggled to push the frame back in the corner it had been the first night. After the bed was replaced Kristen started to shovel the blankets from the floor onto the bed and I grabbed my top as we heard the doorknob turn. The door opened quickly about 4 inches before getting jammed with a hard clank as the chain held the door closed.

"Uh, could you remove the fucking chain!" my mom's voice shot from behind the door clearly annoyed. In all my haste, I hadn't realised my father had chained the door before getting in bed with us the previous night.

Kristen looked at me nervously as I crept in the corner to quickly tie my top on before she could open the door. My mom came bursting in and said, "He's STILL in the shower?!?" I was unsure what to say, but just then the water had turned off. My mother banged on the door. "RICH! I ASK YOU FOR ONE FAVOR AND YOU..." My dad opened the door a crack, letting the steam from the small bathroom spill out.

Getting a quick glimpse of Kristen and I in our bikinis and assuring we were not busted he replied, "I'm sorry hun, I forgot, it's completely my fault, I'll be out in a second," he said in his usual calm tone. My mother huffed as she turned and looked at us, apparently finding it hard to bottle her anger.

"And you two! I told you what I thought of those skimpy things!" she wailed at us, "You might as well be naked! But something on damnit!"

Kristen and I almost laughed despite ourselves when she said that. If she only knew I laughed in my mind, feeling a lot more at ease now that disaster had been narrowly averted.

"Mom, this is a bathing suit, we're not living in the '40's! Stop being such an old prude!" I yelled back at her.

My mother was held speechless at my rebuttal for the moment, and was about to shoot back another round when my father opened the door, in his bathing trunks and acting as if nothing at all was wrong. "We got 40 minutes, he said, we can make it, relax," he smiled at my mom giving her a light kiss on the lips. Still visiously upset, my mom calmed and said, "Girls, cover yourselves." I wanted to yell again, but my father had calmed the storm, like he always does, and I didn't want to start it up again. Muttering to myself, Kristen and I unwillingly put shorts and t-shirts on over our bathing suits.

After another minute for my father to grab a shirt and a few other things, we followed my parents down the long hallway to the elevators, and took it down to the lowest level where the gangway was. Once off the ship, my mother hustled us to the queue for the catamaran that would take us to the island where the dolphins were. When we got to the spot on the dock there was a man standing there, but no people stood waiting. My mother asked the man frantically about her reservation, and learned that we had missed the boat by about 5 minutes.

My mother almost blew up, but being that she was in front of a subordinate she kept her composure, but fire was in her eyes directed straight at me. My mother asked when the next boat was but found out it wasn't for another 2 hours. We'd miss our reservations. The man at the pier told us that if we went to the ferry terminal we could still have a chance by taking the ferry to the island.

My mother immediately got us a cab. While in the taxi, my mother was constantly checking her watch. In the cab she had released more anger on Kristen and I, but mainly just me. She went on about how expensive the tickets were and how I was going to blow it. I replied with a snide comment on how she didn't pay for them and she shot back a line about me being an ungrateful bitch.

I knew I sounded ungrateful, but I wasn't. Despite my feelings for my mother, I couldn't have thanked her enough for getting us on the cruise, I just had a bad way of showing it. My father tried his best to diffuse the situation as usual, but my mother still seemed annoyed that our laziness might cost us our spots at the dolphin thing. She explained to my father that her VIP passes were free, but were only good if they had room. It was restricted to 10 people, and if we were late our participation wasn't guaranteed.

I didn't particularly care about swimming with the dolphins. After the night we had with my father all I wanted to do was spend time alone with him, but I knew that was unlikely to happen since my mother had most of the day off. My mother finally quit her venting and was now discussing the plans for the evening with my father. She had mentioned the New Year's dance on the deck. I had completely forgotten it was New Year's Eve! Suddenly a feeling of despair came over me, as I envisioned my father spending most of the evening with my mother, since she went on about how she should have free time in the evening as well.

I had asked her if she wasn't going to be busy with the party hosting (hoping she would be). She said that they had promised her she wouldn't have much to do; make a few announcements and that's about it. My hopes of having another dreamlike night were quickly evaporating, and suddenly I had no desire to have any fun with dolphins. I was angry with my mother. If only she knew my father would rather spend time with me than her. I tried not to display my aggravation.

When we got to the terminal we had to wait a long time for the ferry. My mother's blood began to get hotter once again with every minute that passed, though she held her comments inside this time. When we finally boarded the ferry it was 9:30, and the boat still didn't leave the pier for another 10 minutes. Once on the island we ran together to the place for the reservations. We didn't arrive until about a quarter after ten, and that's when the people at the dolphin place told us the bad news.

Because we were late, they had to give away our spots to standbys. Fortunately they said there were two spots still available, and they asked us if two of us would like to do it. My mother (clearly furious again) asked as calmly as she could about a possible opening in a little while for four. They told her that it was very unlikely. Looking as if I was about to get kicked, my mother threw up her hands in frustration.

Immediately I got an idea and told my parents to do it. My father insisted Kristen and I do it instead, and they'd watch. That's when I told them I really had no interest, and that Kristen was uneasy about swimming with fish. My father tried to tell her its not a fish but a mammal, but I had made a good point. My mother was annoyed we hadn't told her that, but I told her the whole thing was a miscommunication, and told her it was cool for them to do it.

My mother didn't want to keep the guy waiting, so she said that her and her husband would take the spots. My dad asked if we would watch, but when told we had to pay to watch, we told them we'd meet them back at the ship. My parents left us and Kristen asked me why I had lied about her fear of fish. I told her I really wasn't in the mood for it.

We made our way back to the ferry only to learn it had already departed. We didn't want to stand by the dock waiting for the next one, so I suggested be go to the beach. It was a small island, and there were beaches everywhere. We walked together down one of the beaches talking about our experience the previous night. Kristen and I hardly mentioned the twins, other than how it was a mistake to let it go that far. We spent most of our walk discussing my dad, and how amazing this trip had become.

We passed a few families as we walked, beach bag in hand. "Oh shit! Don't my parents need this?" I asked suddenly realising what I was carrying. It contained a few towels and bottles of water.

Kristen started to laugh and told me not to worry, that she was sure they probably provided them there. She did jab a joke that my mother has another reason to kill me now. We laughed as we walked and my spirits improved. We found ourselves reaching the end of the tiny island. The beach was small, and secluded, and we decided to place our towels down and sunbathe a while.

It shouldn't have surprised me when Kristen removed her top shortly after settling on the towel. "Is it allowed here?" I asked her looking around for beachgoers.

"Oh I don't know, who cares, no one's around," she said.

"Yeah I know, but...what if someone comes?" I asked still looking for another soul on this end of the skinny island.

"I DOUBT anyone will come, but if someone does, you think they're going to care?" she smirked. I knew she was right, and it's not like I didn't want to join her. She had gotten me used to bathing topless on South Beach and it had enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.

"Yeah, what the hell," I said as I untied my top and threw it in the sand beside us.

Kristen and I applied some sun block and laid on our backs under the morning sun. That water near us was crystal blue and was beautiful, nothing like the rough surf in Florida. We laid there a few minutes when Kristen sat up. "You know..." she said sounding naughty again. "No one's around, you think I could take my bottoms off?" she asked with a clever grin.

I almost laughed, somewhat expecting it. She had also introduced me to nude sunbathing in my backyard, and I had taken to that too. I had never done it in public however, although this was as secluded as public gets.

"You think we should?" I said with a smile as I again looked around.

Kristen was nodding with a naughty little smile and slid her bikini bottoms off her smooth tanned legs. "Oh wow," I mouthed silently when I saw her bare pussy exposed to the island. Knowing my parents were only a hundred yards away made the temptation that more invigorating. It only took me a few seconds of seeing Kristen's complete naked body glistening in the sun before I started to reach for my bottoms.

I slid them off with excitement as I let my bare body be free of its cloth constraints. Tossing my bottoms next to my top, I laid on my back again and let the sun soak up my nakedness. A warm breeze blew sand across my breasts and I exhaled in a state of utter relaxation. This is much better than swimming with dolphins I thought as I closed my eyes.

I awoke about a half hour later and was momentarily startled when I didn't see Kristen by my side. But then I found her, wading in the turquoise water, looking like a mermaid having just gotten legs. I approached her nervously, letting my bikini remain near our towels. Feeling the warm ocean water caress my bare skin was indescribable. It was nothing like the pool. Kirsten was standing waist deep, but the clear water revealed her naked beauty beneath the surface.
For the next few minutes we ventured deeper into the sea, and swam around like children, splashing each other. Kristen got close to me and embraced me in the sea, and we kissed as we never had before. Our tongues swam together and played as we just had, our arms wrapped around each other, our breasts pushed firmly together. It was paradise, in every sense of the word, and for the first time in days, I had forgotten about my father for a few minutes.

Kristen and I made our way back to the towels where she pushed me down and got on top of me. We kissed passionately for what seemed like hours, making love on the beach. It was amazing, and I felt myself falling in love with her. Then after both of us reached a tremendous orgasm together, she braced her arms and held herself above me. Her hair glowing red with the bright sun behind her. "I love you," she said.

"I love you too," I said before taking her tongue in my mouth once more. We finally collapsed together in the sun, and fell asleep in each others arms.

I awoke a second time to sound of whistling in the distance. I opened my eyes and sat up. I looked around for the source of the sound and then found it. A sail boat was passing us just offshore. Onboard I could see 3 guys, one with binoculars. They were obviously enjoying our presence, and I noticed a guy pass the binoculars as another whistled again.

My first urge was to cover myself, but instead I nudged Kristen. She woke much more easily this time, and I told her about our company. Kristen laughed at the awareness of onlookers, and sat up beside me. Then to my surprise she stood up, giving the guys a much better view. She pulled me up beside her and she told me to relax.

Being seen nude by these guys wasn't bothering me like I thought it would, and I began to get the same familiar feelings that I did when I saw that man on the beach last summer. It was actually turning me on! Kristen and I waved at the guys as they waved back, and they turned their sail to make another approach. I wasn't sure if they'd attempt bringing the vessel up to the beach, but I doubted they could.

Kristen must have been feeling the same hormonal rage at their presence as I was, because she suddenly turned to me and started to kiss me. Immediately the whistles from the boat were loud and in unison. After making out to our audience we laughed about it. But just then I saw one of them throw the anchor, and I told Kristen it looked like they were going to come ashore.

Kristen said, "So let them!" with a broad smile, but I didn't have the same feeling about it. I told her I was uncomfortable with it. We were outnumbered, and we were alone, and naked. My father had taught me many things about common sense, and this was one of them. Kristen saw my point right away and admitted I was right. We made to grab our bikinis when we heard a splash. The guys had jumped in the water!

I knew we probably had a good 5 minutes before they could make it to shore, but I didn't want to waste that time getting dressed. I told her to put them in the bag, and we wrapped the towels around ourselves and began walking back down the beach. We heard boos coming from the guys who were swimming at a fast pace to make it to the beach. Kristen and I picked it up to a run, and she couldn't help but laugh as she did.

As we ran we saw a few sunbathers in the distance. I turned around to check on our horny pursuers and they were nearing the beach. Apparently our run didn't stop their efforts. I knew once on the sand they'd be able to catch us quickly. We were running in towels and carrying a beach bag, they would have nothing but their legs. I wanted to get to a place that had sunbathers, but at the same time I wanted desperately to have my bathing suit on again.

We continued to run another hundred feet or so when I stumbled and fell. My towel came completely off and I was only a few yards from a couple sunbathing alone. They both turned and looked a little surprised to see me without a suit, but didn't jump up to call authorities or anything. Since I was seen by this couple that seemed only interested, but not alarmed, I thought it was the best moment to put my suit back on.

Kristen threw off her towel and the man had a really nice look at us as we dressed, despite his wife beside him. Looking back I could no longer see the end of the beach where we had came, but I couldn't be sure the guys had given up. What they wanted chasing us down, I wasn't sure, but I didn't want to meet them. Finally dressed, we hustled back to the ferry terminal and waited anxiously for the ferry that was to be arriving shortly. There was a large group of people on the dock so I felt safer, but still waited for 3 guys to arrive momentarily. Suddenly Kristen noticed my parents waiting in line further up! I didn't need the guys showing up now and talking about our show on the beach around my parents.

Minutes crawled by as we tried not to get noticed by my folks, and waited for our followers to arrive, but thankfully they never did. We boarded the ferry unnoticed by my parents, and slipped on our shorts and shirts when we sat. We managed to ride the entire time without them spotting us, and it was only when we reached the pier did my father spot us and caught up with us.

Returning to the ship for lunch we discussed how we had gone to the beach there, obviously omitting a few key factors. My mother was more interested however in telling us all about the dolphins, not seeming to care that I had the beach bag. For that I was thankful.

Upon returning to the ship we had lunch on the promenade. My mother had returned to work for a while, and my father told us that he was going to check out one of the local casinos. I was a little upset that he didn't seem to want to spend the time with us, and became concerned that the time alone with my mother had possibly made him discover his morals once again.

Despite my feelings, I told him to have fun and we agreed to meet him later. Kristen and I went back to the room to shower and dress for dinner. We had no interest of going back up to the topless deck since we had enough sun already for the day, and weren't keen on meeting the twins up there again. In the room we laughed about the guys, and although I knew it probably could have been bad, it was over now and we chose to forget it.

We took separate showers because we knew it'd be extremely tight to share again. I considered making love with her again now that we were once again alone, but the events of the morning made me feel as if my mother could barge in any minute. While Kristen was in the shower however, I thought better of it and decided to push the beds back together once more. I didn't want my father to have us sleep separate again because we had separated them earlier.

After changing into dresses for the evening, we went down to the lobby where photographers were taking pictures. Kristen and I took several together, and I saw Luke and Lance taking one with their family. Luckily, they didn't see us. After taking pictures and checking out a few features of the ship we hadn't yet seen, we met my dad in the dining room for our last dinner on the cruise.

At dinner the twins were all smiles as if they were concealing some special secret from their parents. I wasn't worried about them spilling the beans of our adventure in their room around the table, but their bright faces told us it was definitely fresh on their minds. Kristen and I made sure that there would be no repeat performance with the boys, our sights were set on the man sitting beside me.

Conversation was light, and after dinner the boys quickly found us to enquire about our evening plans. I knew they wouldn't be completely avoidable at the New Year's bash on the top deck, but I was going to make sure that after midnight I'd be returning to my own room. For the next couple of hours we saw a show in the palace theatre on board, and even played a few games in the arcade, the twins in tow with every step we took.

Finally around 11:00 we settled on the top deck for the countdown party. Kristen and I danced together in a crowd of people wearing funny hats and cheaply made Hawaiian lais. We granted the boys a dance or two as my dad sat off to the side. I knew he wasn't keen to getting down on the dance floor, so I didn't bug him to come dance with us. After dancing to many songs I heard my mother announce to the buzzed crowd that only ten minutes remained until midnight. Kristen and I decided to take a break.

Over by the rail, Kristen and I enjoyed a warm breeze swim through our hair as we stared into black emptiness beyond. The boys were constantly at our heals until we were finally spared a few minutes when they went to the bar to get drinks. Kristen and I used our free time discussing how we'd play the night, and I told her how I had wished to dance with my father at midnight. She also shared this wish, but knew if anyone would have the opportunity it would be me being his daughter.

"Isn't your mother going to be free at midnight?" she asked.

"She said she would be, but so far it looks like she's been busy," I said, hoping my mother was wrong. Just then I turned around to the pleasant surprise of my father approaching us on the upper level overlooking the party.

"You girls tired of dancing? Where's your boyfriends?" he asked with a cool smile on his face.

"Oh please Dad, them? I don't think so!" I laughed. My father just smiled as he joked some more.

"It looks like you were having a good time out there, those seem like nice guys, no?" he joked further. I could tell my dad knew I wasn't crazy about them. Over many years of dating, my father can easily determine whether or not I am interested in a guy simply by observing me with him. Unfortunately my father wouldn't predict the bad decision I made the night before with the guys, and I'm sure he would be extremely dissapointed with me if he knew I had sex with one of them. Infact, I was dissapointed with me!

"Dad? Is Mom going to be free by midnight?" I asked with a hopeful tension.

"No, I don't think so. Probably a few minutes after, but she has to do the countdown, she's the hostess," he said not looking at all as dissapointed as he should be.

"I bet Mom is pissed about that," I said jokingly.

"Of course, but what else is knew," he said sarcastically.

Just then I asked, "Daddy, will you dance with me at midnight?" A smile crept across his masculine face as he said, "sure honey, I'd love to." The answer I wanted had me bubbly with happiness. Kristen however stood beside us looking a bit left out. My father turned to her and assured her he'd have a dance with her too if she wanted one. She smiled and said she'd love one, but she knew I had midnight to myself.

Kristen and I didn't quite know how we'd lose the guys, but as we walked back down to the dance floor with my father I urged my father to come dance with us for just a few minutes. Getting him on the floor took a little pleading, but soon we got him dancing with us as we stood in a little triangle surrounded by other partiers. I heard my mother announce five, and then three minutes to midnight, and as far as I knew, the twins were nowhere to be found. Could my luck hold out?

Then as another minute passed I spotted Luke and Lance standing with their drinks looking around the deck area for us. I was hoping we'd remain hidden for another few minutes, and as we danced I tried to inch our way further from them toward the other side of the dance area. The moment was soon arriving and with a minute left the music stopped. My mother was on the platform doing her best acting of job of excitement despite her annoyance, and she counted down the seconds. Kristen and I stood with my father in a sea of people, none that we recognised too well.

As the countdown rang down, the crowd shouted in unison, "TEN... NINE... EIGHT... SEVEN... SIX... FIVE... FOUR... THREE... TWO... ONE!!..." And just then the crowd burst out with a tremendous, "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!" Fireworks shot from various areas of the ship and popped into the starry sky above. Colorful streamers were shot in all directions as people celebrated around us, and people all started kissing each other as Auld Lang Syne started to play. Within that moment of celebration, I felt an urge and seized it. I took my father with my arms around him and kissed him flush on the lips. Our lips parted just enough to let our tongues slide through and find each other. The moment was surreal, but only lasted a few seconds. After our kiss I looked at my father and smiled and said,"Happy New Year Daddy." Before I could respond Kristen grabbed took his face and also gave him a kiss on his lips, but didn't go for more like I did. Kristen and I then kissed and hugged before I continued a slow dance to with my father. As we danced I didn't see anyone around us in shock of seeing our kiss, and I doubted my mother had seen it in the chaos. I knew it was risky displaying my affection in such a public place, but it just felt necessary.

Halfway through the slow dance I let Kristen take over with my dad because I suddenly doubted the music would remain soft. I slowly left the dance floor and found my mother on the side. Thankfully she didn't seem to be suspicious of anything and seemed happy to see me. "Happy New Year hunny," she said as she kissed me on the cheek, "where's your father?"

I quick bolt of nervous tension shot through me because I wasn't sure my mother should see dad slow dancing with Kristen, it would look awkward. I was about to answer when I heard the song changing to something fast. I knew my father and Kristen were probably splitting their embrace in the pack now and I told my mother I had last seen him over by the bar. With her departing in that direction I now feared losing my father for the evening. It looked as if my mother was now off duty.

I walked back up the stairs to the rail where I had been earlier when I saw Luke standing there alone. Thinking quickly of turning the other way I instead decided to be friendly. "Hey, happy New Year! Sorry we couldn't find..." I started to say when Luke rudely interrupted looking like he was quite disgusted.

"You are one fucked up chick," he said boldly. I was a bit shocked by the anger in his voice and couldn't understand why missing him at midnight would upset him so much.

"What? We couldn't find you! What's the big fucking deal?" I asked him.

"Oh, but I found you alright. Nice smooch with Daddy, are you sure he's your dad?!?"

My heart leaped in my chest when I realised he had seen us, and for a moment I was at a loss for words. But instead of even attempting an explanation, I just shouted back, "Well, he's a much better kisser than you!"

The look of disgust broadened on his face and he added, "Is he a better fuck too?"

I just smiled and said,"Wouldn't you like to know."

He was speechless and stormed off in the other direction. I just laughed as Kristen found me by the rail. We had a good laugh about it as we hung out at the party a few minutes longer in search of my father. Kristen finally spotted him walking toward the stairwell that led to the lower decks. When we caught up to him he looked happy to see us, but also looked upset at well. "Where's Mom?" I asked immediately.

He told us that she only had a few minutes freedom before being summoned to do a few last minute things. He seemed annoyed with her that she couldn't seem to find any time for him, even after promising she would. I had asked if he was going to see her later and he said not until the morning. He said that we had to disembark early so he was going to turn in. Immediately we decided to join him. I wasn't sure how he was feeling about our situation, whether he was regretting it now after seeing my mother. I hoped he didn't.

Returning to our cabin my father seemed pleasantly surprised that the beds were back together, and didn't ask us when we had did it. We locked the door and chained it, and as my father sat on the bedside I sat beside him and told him exactly what was on my mind.

"Dad, you're too good for mom," I said, "You do everything for her, and you deserve so much more." My father just looked at me without saying a word. In silence he seemed to have been understanding me. "You need a woman that's going to treat you right, that's going to love you the way you need to be loved; kiss you how you need to be kissed; make love to you the way you need it."

Still my father sat there listening without talking, but he definitely seemed to be in agreement. Then Kristen added in sitting on the other side of him, "Or perhaps two women," she said.

Just then my dad began to laugh, and we both joined him, and as we laughed I turned to face him and I met his lips with mine. Within minutes he went from my mouth to Kristen's on the other side, we undressed him. I stood before him as he backed up on the bed and with one pull of a zipper my dress fell to my feet revealing my completely naked body. Kristen removed her dress as well, and we climbed in bed with him together.

Both of us lying on top of him, side by side, we kissed him passionately. My father then rolled over and let Kristen and I lie on our backs as he positioned himself over us. As he kissed Kristen, he slowly inched his way inside me. When I felt him enter me, I gasped for breath. He slowly pushed his way inside me, burying every inch of his manhood into my clam as he kissed me softly.

We began to make love, Kristen by my side, stealing a kiss from me as we fucked. With my left arm, I placed my hand between Kristen's smooth legs and stuck 2 fingers into her slit, and began to play with her. My father picked up the pace, fucking me harder as I finger fucked Kristen beside us. Several times my father would lower himself and kiss my breasts and suck on my nipples, then Kristen's. Just then as I was getting hot and getting close, my father surprised me by pulling out and replacing my fingers with his cock. He began to fuck Kristen as she moaned in pleasure accepting him. Kristen's hand now found my pussy, and took over for my father.

It was the first time we were sharing the sex, and it felt right. We kissed each other, enjoying several three way kisses as Kristen and my father picked up the pace. Kristen's fingers were working me good, but they didn't compare to my father, but just then Kristen added two more fingers and sent me over the edge. As I screamed in orgasm I heard Kristen squeal beside me as my father released his load within her.

The moment was incredible, and despite my father finishing in Kristen, I knew he was just as much mine, as hers. We fell asleep together in each other's arms, no longer just father and daughter and friend, but as three lovers. I knew at that moment that the new year ahead would be unlike any other in my life.

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