You will be giving your dad permission to fuck your wife
Gus said, "I love being with you. After all those months of wanting to sleep with you I have no intensions of letting you go."

"I have a plan that I think both of you will agree to." She started moving again and all talk came to a halt. They fucked the rest of the night like it was their first time and that they may not get another.

Sue was the first up the next morning. She was in the kitchen dressed only in a thin gown that hid nothing. She wanted them to see what they would be missing if that didn't go along with her suggestion. She wondered just what Jim would have to say this morning. Some times what looks good at night in the heat of passion doesn't look so good in the light of day.

She had the coffee brewing and breakfast ready when Jim came in. He took one look and the outfit she had on and his cock started to rise. He walked up to her and took her in his arms. " I watched you and dad last night. Now I know how he felt when he watched mom and me. You were beautiful as you made love with him."

He was still holding her when Gus walked into the room. Sue broke off contact with him and moved to Gus. She moved into his arms and kissed him good morning. His cock was already hard and she could feel it against her body. She reached down and caressed him through his pants. He pushed back and grinned at her. Jim was smiling also.

She said, "Lets eat breakfast and then we can talk about how we are going to handle this situation."

After they finished the guys waited for her to speak. She finally spoke up, " You guys made this deal between you and Jim's mother, I had nothing to do with it. Now I don't object to it as long as everybody is happy with it. What woman in her right mind would turn down sex with 2 handsome men? Jim you are going to have to face the fact that you gave up any objections you may have a long time ago. Last night was not the first time Gus and I have been together. The day after you left on your trip he told me about the deal. We have been going at it pretty heavy ever since. I know that we don't intend to stop anytime soon. You are just going to have to live with it."

"I only know of one solution, you both will share me from now on." I know that your mother would only have sex with one of you at a time, but with me it is going to be different. I want you both at the same time. I have thought of how nice it will be to have the two of you fucking me together. If you can't live up to that, speak now."

Gus looked at Jim and said; "we have watched each other so long that it will not be a problem for me."

Jim said, I guess I gave up my right to object some time back."

Sue said, "Good, now one more thing and this is major. I just feel like I may have gotten pregnant last night. It is that time of month and I didn't take any precautions. I have no idea which of you maybe the father and I don't care. We will all raise the child together."

Both guys agreed to that arrangement.

Sue took them both by the hand and led them to the bedroom. She quickly striped off her robe and climbed up on the bed. She stretched out in the center of the bed with her legs spread leaving all of her exposed to them. "Can't you two think of something to do now?"

It was an invitation that they couldn't turn down. Gus made for her cunt while Jim moved around and offered her his cock to suck. She quickly pulled him to her and proceeded to swallow his cock. Gus paused only long enough to run his tongue around her cunt before moving up to fuck her.

On and on it went for most of the day. Sometime there were two on her and sometime only one. The guys were finally worn out but she had not refused them anything. Once both men figured out that she intended to keep both of them satisfied they accepted the conditions much quicker.

Sue was right, nine months later Tim was born, and things returned to normal. That is, if you can call a mother sleeping with both her husband and father-in-law normal. She continued to sleep with both men until Tim was 10 years old. She would then sleep with one man one night and the other the next.

Thus a happy family raised Tim. He knew that his family was different but he didn't know just how much. He knew that his was the only family that swam naked in the pool because his mother told him so, and to not tell anyone because they would not understand. It was only when he was about 16 that he saw his mother and grandfather fucking in his bed. He didn't under stand why his father didn't seem to mind what his father was doing. He didn't say anything but he had discovered the open windows and now he was out side every night watching.

Tim was 18 when a horse fell and killed Gus. It was a tragic loss for all of them, but Sue took it harder than the others. She had really loved him as a father-in-law and lover.

For nearly 20 years she had two men to love her and fulfill every sexual wish she may have. Now it was just she and Jim. He did the best he could to fill both places in her life. The sex with him was good but not what she had been use to.

Now it was a year after Gus was killed and she was standing in front of the window caressing her breast and thinking about how it use to be as she waited for Jim to come to bed. She wondered if Tim paused to look in her open window as Jim had his mother.

She didn't need to worry Tim was even now standing in the shadows watching her. He wasn't anything like his father when it came to being shy. He and his girlfriend, Amy, had been having sex since the 10th grade. They were scheduled to wed this next summer. He had all the sex he wanted from Amy who never turned him down. As he watched his mother he knew that one day he was going to find out why she had satisfied two men all these years. Hopefully she would show him herself.

Jim coming to bed brought Sue back to the present. She had made up her mind to bring up the subject of Tim, but first she wanted to get him in the right frame of mine.

She pushed him back on the bed and took his cock in her mouth. She sucked him until he was hard. Then moving up she straddled his legs and placed her hot cunt over his cock. She began to work up and down very slowly. Her hot cunt was really working on his hard cock. When She had him where she wanted him she begin to talk. "Jim, You know how much fun the three of us had while Gus was alive. You know that Tim will be getting married this summer and if you would like to make deal with him like you had with your father I will help you." She could tell by the way his cock grew that he was interested.

Jim was very interested, he had often looked at Amy wished that he could fuck the cute young blond. He said, "What am I suppose to do just ask him he would like to fuck his mother while I fuck his girlfriend?"

She said, " You don't need to do anything. I know Tim is interested in me because he is constantly trying to feel me up. Just back up an give me a little room."

Each evening when Tim finished his chores he would stop by the pool and cool off. He was always naked and Sue had watched him from the house many times. Today she left to meet him when she saw him strip off.

Tim was swimming when she walked up and didn't know she was around until she spoke. "Mind if I come in and cool off?"

Her voice surprised him and he stopped swimming and stood up in the middle of the pool. "Of course I don't mind."

Sue quickly stripped off her shirt. She didn't have on a bra, she never wore one, and her large breast stood out firm as they had when she and Gus first made love. She unsnapped her jeans and pulled them down from her hips, taking her panties with them. She picked up her clothes and laid them on the table. She stood before him naked. It wasn't the first time he had seen her, but this was the first time she had undressed just for him.

Tim could not take his eyes from her as she moved through the water toward him. She moved up to him and put her arms around his neck, so close that her nipples were touching the hair on his chest. His cock already hard got even more so. She could feel it touching her stomach, and knew that he was ready for anything she suggested.

"You look like you are glad to see me," she said, as she pulled his head down and kissed him on the lips. Her tongue was pushing against his lips until he opened his mouth and let her tongue in. She kissed him, as only a lover would do. As she kissed him she reached down with one hand and pushed his hard cock down between her legs to rest against her hot cunt. She then pulled him tight to her body.

Tim could not believe that this was happing to him. He had wanted to feel his mother's naked body against his for a long time and now it was happing. She was touching him from his head to his toes. He could fell her hot cunt as it touched his cock.

Finally she broke the kiss and leaned back in his arms. Never breaking contact with his cock or his hands on her ass. "I think you are liking this," she said. "You have been acting like this is what you wanted for a while, or did I miss read you?"

"No, I have wanted you ever since I saw you and dad and" … He stopped his face turning red.

Looking him in the eye she asked, "What did you start to say?" She was pretty sure what he had seen but she wanted him to put it in words.

"I saw you sleeping with grand pa. Why were you sleeping with him and dad doesn't mind?"

"That is a long story that started before you were born. You deserve to hear it now that you and I are about to do the same thing." She felt his cock jump against her cunt as he realized that his dream was about to come true.

Taking him by the hand she led him out of the pool to the same spot where she and Gus first made love.

She pulled him down beside her and told him the story just as Gus told her. When she finished Tim's cock was rock hard. Partly because of the story, but mostly because she had been rubbing his cock all the time she was talking.

"I love it, I wish I could have known my grand mother. Are you going to let me make love to you?"

"Yes you can do anything you like with me, but this is not to be taken lightly. No one must know about this but us, and you must also realize that you will be giving your dad permission to fuck your wife."

"That want be a problem, Amy has already said what a good looking man dad is. and that she would like to feel him between her legs. Mom, we have been fucking for three years and talk about everything. She even knows that I want to fuck you."

Sue layback on the grass and spread her legs as she pulled him over on her. His cock search for the entrance to her cunt until he found it. Slowly he slid his cock into the hot depth of his mother's pussy. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and drew him deeper into her body. Nothing had felt so good in years.

Twenty years ago her father-in-law had started a family tradition on this very spot. Now here she was with her son making love together. They both came at the same time. As his hot cum was shooting up her cunt she opened her eyes and saw Jim standing there smiling down at them.

Yes, everything was back to normal.

will permission giving fuck wife dad

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